This membership is truly packed

It’s amazing how much I put into this membership, if I do say so myself. I know you’ll be shocked to find out how much is in this membership. I know you can read the sales page, but you really should think about what’s in this membership very closely. There are three niches, with 10 articles each niche — that’s a total of 30 PLR articles. Then, there are 10 Subtopics for each niche, with […]

Getting to Know Your Audience

A very important factor in knowing how to please your audience is to get to know them. Use Social Media¬† — Find your audience on social media using search terms. Locate groups, forums, and pages where your audience hangs out. Then participate with them, answer questions freely, and get to know them. Use Survey Software¬† — If you have a small following you can use Survey Monkey software to do a survey asking your audience […]